Hey, fellow pilgrim!

The peace you seek is the oneness of everything and the way to know the self.

There is no separation; you are not what you take yourself to be, and a quiet mind is all you need – so find what you are.

Here we keep things simple.

You suffer and seek peace, which is this present, the effortlessness of what is, reality, the oneness of everything and the way to find the self – the ‘I’ that knows that you are. There is no separation, you are not what you take yourself to be, and a quiet mind is all you need.

To find a quiet mind, find the sense that says “I am” without words, the sense of aliveness, conscious presence, and repeat. You are and you know that you are – just add earnestness.

The foundations are all you need to learn a simple new skill – to find the ever-present sense ‘I am’, and get really good at it, whatever the weather, especially in the hardest and darkest of times and places.

Grow the foundations, lift from the negative trance states of anxiety, anger, and depression, step on the path, and pump up the earnestness, and the peace of what is comes to you.

The £10 bundle coming very soon, honest.

If you cannot, contact me to get it for free, when it comes out, of course.

I am Graham Ellis, an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and non-dual mentor – since 2013, and an occupational therapist and support worker for the most vulnerable in society before that – based in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK, and worldwide online.

And I am a big fan of Nisargadatta Maharaj since finding his simple and direct way as a seeking and suffering teen, over thirty fun and challenging years ago.

I can help.

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