Don’t Get Lost, To Be Or Not To Be

In this wonderous illusion of separation, we are free to make choices, big and small, wise and unwise, good and bad; and for me, the ultimate choice is our moment-to-moment Shakespearean options. Not of either penning a comedy or a tragedy, but whether to be or not to be.

In every moment, we can either abide in being, in the awareness of presence, this knowing of experience – truth, consciousness, peace – or remain lost in the mind, chasing and claiming every thought as our own, automatically identifying as the body-mind thanks to tuning into that almost constant noise of thought, when all the while there’s nothing but this knowing of experience, this awareness of being, this oneness of existence, of consciousness only.

In the illusion of being a thing, a body-mind, we have a choice: liberation or bondage; and in reality, there is nothing but consciousness, which is beyond both liberation and bondage, and everything else. Everything is within this knowing. Being lost in the mind keeps you in the illusion, in the dream of being a separate, finite thing in a world of countless other separate, finite things, which is simply that illusion, that wondrous misinterpretation of reality. Abiding in being, just for a moment or two, again and again, growing the foundations of a quiet mind, knowing why a quiet mind is all you need, dwelling there again and again and again, and mastering this simple skill, can see the misinterpretation dropped and reality – the state of things as they actually are – revealed.

It takes effort to be lost in the illusion, and it takes effort to uncover the effortlessness of what is, the reality of what never ceases to be. Life, the universe and everything is That – you are That – so find the sense of being, get really good at abiding in and as that sense of your presence, of your aliveness, of existence, and don’t get lost. But hey, if you do, don’t worry, it’s a game, a treasure hunt with the real you as the hidden treasure, so just relax and go back, and know that you never cease to be that treasure.


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