Are you aware?

Yes, I am.

How do you know?

Because I’m aware of being aware.

What are you aware of?

This present moment experience.

What does this present moment contain?

It contains the world, the body and the mind. I am aware of places, things, sights and sounds and smells, body parts, bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings, identity and separation, and on and on – the whole show.

What is this whole show?

It is this immersive first-person experience of being a person in a world.

What is aware of it?

I am.

Are you that experience, that present moment?

No, it stands apart from me, because I am the knowing of it.

And what is this present moment experience?

It is simply the knowing of experience, and I am the knowing ‘I’ that I am, present and correct, all there is, the full-to-bursting nothingness in which, to which and by which everything, the totality, appears.

And so what is the way back to being that which you really are?

Right now, I identify as being the body-mind, the person, the persona, the separate self. So hey, I can abide as the totality – the present moment, the sense of being present, the knowledge that says ‘I am’, consciousness only, the awareness of being present, simple being – until I find that I am not even that – I am the unborn, undying eternal Absolute, the underlying reality of life, the universe and everything.

But how?

Start small, grow the foundations of a quiet mind, abide in being, get what is, why a quiet mind is all you need, and repeat again and again and again. Put the effort in to find the effortlessness of what is – this effortless view – how things are – and the peace of what is will come to you.


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