Effortlessness & Neuroplasticity

Effortlessness – it’s my favourite word.

There is reality and there is illusion. Reality is that which is real and an illusion is a misinterpretation of reality; and however huge the misinterpretation, reality never ceases to be what is.

Reality, the state of things as they actually exist, is the underlying essence of life, the universe and everything, and so all illusions are reality only. Reality is all there is – the Absolute – and everything is That.

You Are That – you can’t escape what is, but you can dream of what isn’t.

Reality is effortlessness itself. What do you need to do to realise what is? Where do you have to go? What blog must you read? Misinterpreting something takes effort. Thinking yourself to be a separate self wanting to experience the beyond-oneness of what is, is simply a failure to understand that which can never cease to be what it is – the Absolute, the underlying essence of life, the universe and everything.

What causes that misinterpretation? The effortlessness of what is has been misinterpreted by the effort of the reality filter – the brain.

What in your experience of being a person in a world doesn’t flow through the brain? It filters reality – it creates the illusion of being a separate thing in a world of countless other things. It is amazing – the most complex thing in the known universe inside the skull – and it’s yours to change (unless you want a TV, phone, tablet or computer screen to do it for you in ways that only ever strengthen the illusion). You have to put in the effort to find the effortlessness of what is – you have to change the brain. You have to grow the earnestness to cease the misinterpretation – you have to change the brain. You must remove what stands in the way of realising what is, and that’s the misinterpretation, the wiring of the brain.

The brain sees separation, otherness and difference, and it loops everything through the idea, or the dense neural networks, of being the body and the mind. It was wired up to do that when you were in nappies; but luckily, we have my second favourite word:

Neuroplasticity – the brain’s fantastic ability to change.


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