If You’re Suffering…

If you’re suffering, try and try again to get this…

This present moment is an experience. It contains the person you take yourself to be and the world in which you appear to inhabit. It is all made of the self-same stuff and is very much the self-same thing: experience.

You are not the experience, you are not this first-person trip of being a person in a world – you are the awareness of it. You stand apart from it. Nothing touches you. Nothing affects you.

See this effortless view – it’s familiar and obvious – and discover the peace of what is, however hard the wind appears to be blowing in this experience of the present. There is nothing but this peace, this underlying reality of life, the universe and heavy winds – you are consciousness only, which is nothing but the awareness of your presence, nothing but the knowing ‘I’ that you are.

But hey, if you’d told me that when I was in the midst of suffering, many moons ago, I’d have told you to ****** off. ‘I’m bloody trying! I’m suffering! I’m reading whatever I can find and doing whatever I can, and I’m still lost and suffering in this damned bondage of what isn’t!’

You need to investigate – to see it directly. You need to investigate hard. And until then, all this will just be a bunch of words that will intensify the frustration. Despite the fact that you never cease to be what you seek, there is everything to do in order to find what is. You need to be earnest, to put the effort in, to find the effortlessness of what is. That’s the beauty of it. If there is suffering, there is something to do – much to do – so decide on a simple practice and get down to it!


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