Neuroplasticity For Non-Duality!

Neuroplasticity! It is the concept that your mind, your abilities, your talents, your habits, your beliefs, your memories, your absolutely everything up in the brain, can be changed. It is the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections. They are not set in stone, the connections are wondrously mouldable, the vastly complex reality filter inside your skull is easily shaped – and the mind changes the brain and the brain changes the mind.

How might you go about that? What would you aim to change? How would you use your mind to tinker with the synaptic connections that you want to tinker with?

And hey, remember: it’s all about confidence and repetition. You are confident that the reality filter is easily mouldable and that the mind changes the brain and the brain changes the mind. If you use the mind differently a few times, the brain changes, but it’s like a light Spring shower coming down and creating little tributaries through the grass – soon the sun will come out and the grass will pop back up. But if you repeat again and again and again, day after day, utilising your power of earnestness with the foundations of a quiet mind in place, even in the hardest and darkest of times and places, you can create rivers that cut through the landscape to the sea.


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