Non-Dual Mentoring & Hypnotherapy

Some suffer, seek peace and ask themselves, ‘What am I?’

Are you new to non-duality, a frustrated veteran of non-dual wisdom and a plethora of other paths to know the self, or do you simply seek peace?

This is Non-Dual Mentoring and Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you find a simple way to know the ‘I’ that you are, to grow the foundations of a quiet mind. Like a kind of pilgrimage, a simple path to the knowledge of the real you. A quiet mind is all you need. Find it, this sense of aliveness, and grow the conviction that this quiet mind really is all you need, along with the rest of the foundations for the path, come hurricanes or shine. All you need to get on and keep on – baby steps, and learn, more and more, each and every day, growing those foundations and that sense of presence whatever the weather. And learning to use your natural and transformative talents of attention, imagination and hypnosis to help bring this path, this sense of presence, the underlying reality of life, the universe and everything, your hidden treasure – the present – to the fore.

The natural state, effortlessness, the peace of what is, the love to be, is the way to go. The person you take yourself to be is one with everything – in and as the present there is no separation – and so for now, entangled in the body, lost in the mind, you are that totality, this sense of aliveness – and a quiet mind is all you need.

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