Simple How To Be

What a ridiculous title – who came up with that?! From waking to deep sleep, and in dream, being is all there is. There is no ‘how to be’ because there is only the knowing of being, the sense of presence – the present moment – with the play of life, the universe and everything appearing within that. Everything is very much that. All there is, is the knowing of experience, the awareness of being – you can’t do being. Who and what you take yourself to be, and everything else, is being, the knowledge that says ‘I am’ – I am and I know that I am, and ‘I’ that I am, is that which knows – have I repeated that simple little beauty enough yet?!

Merge in and as the sense ‘I am’ and in time you will find that you are not even that. You are the knowing ‘I’ that you are – the Absolute, the Ultimate Reality.

So, how to be? How can you bring this simple, fundamental sense of being to the fore of experience?

It is not about how to be – it is about ceasing to ignore that which is ever-present in your moment-to-moment existence. Between, beneath, above and throughout every thought is being. Chasing and claiming every thought of the mind as your own creates the illusion of covering up what is. To be or not to be – that is the choice in every moment: to abide in being, as you are, or to be lost in the mind as a separate, finite and suffering thing in a world of other things.

Find the sense of being, feel the sense of presence, of existence, of being alive. Find it and then abide there for a moment, and repeat. Like any new skill, start small and repeat, repeat and repeat some more. Relax and practice to get better and better at this simple new skill. Find a bike, get on it, fall off, get on and fall off, keep it simple and repetitive, be earnest, and before long you’ll be zooming all over the place.

And don’t worry – you won’t explode if you don’t chase and claim every thought. Try it, get really good at being aware of being aware, and hey, maybe you’ll discover how spontaneous everything – including thoughts – really is.


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