“I had spent many years wrestling with non-duality and the quest to find peace and a quiet mind. The more books I read and YouTube videos I watched only added further confusion and seemingly pushed me further away from my goals. I stumbled across Graham after reading several of his earlier books he had written whilst on his own quest. They really struck a chord with me as my journey seemed to resemble his. I managed to track him down and we set up a meeting. After one hour, the weight of all the stress I was carrying melted away. He cleared up almost all my confusion instantly and set me on a path. I cannot recommend Graham enough to help untangle problems in a very comfortable and friendly setting. We continue to meet, and he continues to assist me by keeping me on track.”

C.S., Chichester, UK


“Everything has changed and nothing has happened. Graham puts it like no one else. He keeps it simple and repetitive and keeps drumming in what is the most familiar and overlooked fact of experience. He is so patient and skilled, and a great clinical hypnotist. He has taken the most useful parts of so many things and put them together like a genius. Thank you.”

P.W. New York, US


“I came to know about Graham and his remarkable work after googling ‘hypnotherapy and non-duality’. Reading a few sentences on his website was enough to want to meet him, but one particular line really captivated my attention: ‘And I’m a big fan of Nisargadatta Maharaj’. Maharaj being one of the titans of modern Indian non-dualism (Advaita), I understood that Graham is not only a outstanding mental health professional and a trained hypnotherapist, but a modern non-dual sage with true and practical day-to-day wisdom. Graham synthesizes his work with the phrase ‘the foundations of a quiet mind’, and with his particular approach you will understand the brain inside-out, how neural pathways are formed and transformed to bring peace of mind. No matter what you are looking for: mental health, peaceful or mindful living, knowing yourself or spiritual awakening, Graham can show you the way. He will relentlessly remind you that ‘all you need is a quiet mind’, but most importantly, he will make it happen. I highly encourage anyone to try his work!”

F.S., Shanghai, China


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