Anxiety and Panic Attacks

A lifetime of panic gone in 12 weeks, and I’m 40! Fun and life-changing from the start, and so highly, highly recommended!

Childhood Anxiety

Graham helped my son through a very difficult time and he has come through so much more confident and knows how to deal with things as they crop up. We are so lucky to have access to this service – absolutely brilliant and I would very highly recommend Graham to anyone and everyone!

Depression and Suicidal Ideation

I would like to thank you for your professional help in my recovery process with depression. I have learnt a lot on how the brain works and how to overcome what life throws at you, especially with work colleagues. I found the meditations and the tools provided have helped me immensely from being in a very dark place to where I am now, starting to enjoy life.


My wonderful daughter had intrusive tics after my divorce, but now she knows that she can get through any challenge life can throw at her. It wasn’t a bad time – it was an opportunity to learn how amazing she is. And I learnt how amazing I am too. Graham is so good, calm and got my girl at ease in minutes. The tics went in days and the sessions changed so much else for us both. Thank you Gra.

Major Life Events

Graham is a wonderful therapist who has been with me through some pretty major life events. He has been my therapist for the last 2 years and his way of explaining how the brain works, the tools and techniques he has in his kit bag, as well as his skill as a hypnotherapist have enabled me to rise strongly and move forward with positivity. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I don’t live locally to Graham’s practice, so see him on FaceTime, which works beautifully, so don’t let geography stand in your way!

Needle Phobia

Listened to your audio twice before going in! Thought about how it will be after and imagined my mind being like water overcoming whatever is in its path. I didn’t freak out and I didn’t pass out! I would say that’s a pretty good result! Thanks so much G!


I came to Graham understanding the source of my demons, I was almost 60 and stuck with a rejected child in my head, although I didn’t fully realise it he had ruled me for my adult life. So after a number of hypnotherapy sessions with Graham I started to gain true insight and control of the primitive brain. With Graham’s expertise and compassion, and tuning the sessions to me and my demons, together we cracked it. A new calmer, more confident Me emerged. I can’t thank Graham enough for his patience and help that has changed the way I think and my outlook on life. The old me is dead and buried, at long last I like me.

Depression and Anxiety

Since starting hypnotherapy sessions with Graham three months ago I am a changed person – or as my best friend would say “We’ve got the old Julie back!” I have a more positive outlook on my life and have started planning and doing things that I have put off for a long time. I feel I have a reason to get up in the morning, have more energy and more confidence. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone wanting to make a positive change to their health and well-being. Hypnotherapy really can help you to change the way you think and view certain situations, making you feel positive and able to cope so much better in your everyday life.

Teenage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Thank you so much for helping me to cure and learn how to control anxiety. Also a massive thank you for giving me a better and more positive outlook on life. You really have helped change my life. You truly are an inspiration!!

Teenage Anger

I am the mum of a 15-year-old girl who was struggling with school and anger issues at both school and home. She felt everybody was having a go at her and nobody understood her. She constantly shouted and slammed doors at home, and at school she was rude and argumentative. It had come to the point at school that she was on report for her behaviour and they were seriously considering excluding her on a permanent basis! I was at my wits end! She only had 12 months left and I didn’t want her starting all over again, and that is when I heard about Graham. I contacted Graham and gave him a quick rundown. He put my mind at rest straight away and said he could help my hot-headed daughter! We started a 10 week course and my daughter embraced her sessions, and after just 4 weeks we all saw a massive improvement! I have to say I was very sceptical but was willing to try anything to help my daughter. After completing her course she received an award at school for most changed student and her attitude at home is unbelievable, no more shouting and slamming doors. She seems so much calmer and in control, and yesterday I received a letter from the headmistress to say how well my daughter is working at school and they are so pleased with her new attitude and outlook on life! I feel Graham has to take the credit for this massive change. If it had not been for his wonderful caring attitude and amazing hypnotherapy sessions my daughter would no longer be at school. So if you have a teen or young adult with anger issues, Graham Ellis is your man. He also has the most calming voice. I sat in on one session and he had me totally relaxed too! My daughter always fell asleep in his sessions, which I’m told is a great sign! Can’t praise this man up enough! X Very happy mum! X


If you are struggling in whatever capacity I cannot recommend Graham highly enough. Get in touch, you won’t regret it.


Having suffered anxiety, I was so unhappy, it not just affected me but my whole family, then I was told about Graham! Graham helped me to understand what anxiety was all about, and firstly how to deal with it. But now with Graham’s help, I am kicking this anxiety thing into touch. Please anyone with anxiety, contact Graham, don’t be afraid of Hypnotherapy, its wonderful. OK, don’t expect it to work over night (nothing does) but believe me it will. Go see Graham, he is so easy to get along with, I don’t just see him as my therapist, but a friend.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

He got his exam results today and I’m very proud to say, he took 10 exams and passed all of them. From the first session he came to you right up to sitting exams and now, he has not had any symptoms whatsoever. You changed his life and now he has his whole future to look forward to. So thank you again.

Post Traumatic Stress

You definitely got me back on the straight and narrow and saved the day!!! Many thanks!!!

Teenage Anxiety

Graham is totally awesome!


I had depression for five years, then Graham took me out of that truly horrible dark cloud. He says it was all me and I say it was all him. His caring way and his great advice and his explanation of why I went down that path and how I could walk back again and the hypnotherapy and everything were all amazing. I never smiled or laughed when I was so low. Then Graham had me laughing and laughing in the first meeting. I cannot recommend him as highly as I would like to because there really are no words for the difference in my life and for my family.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Graham is wonderful! It took a few sessions of trance before the penny dropped and I started to play the game, and what a brilliant game. Countless years of anxiety and panic attacks, times of depression, now a thing of the past… and relax… ! I nearly allowed my TV idea of hypnosis stop me from going. It was relaxing and something I looked forward to each week. He is the man to see for help.

Childhood Anxiety

Thank you so much for everything, it has made the world of difference for us as a family and to see my son back to his happy self.

Family Support

Having been recommended by many, I have now seen him in action as a clinical hypnotherapist, he was quite amazing, supporting my son (a clever teenager, over wrung by work, deadlines and life) and my mother (a wonderful carer and then bereaved, exhausted and sad) via Skype and in person, with incredible results, that have sustained and offered both of them (and the rest of our family) positive solutions for life. I use them to cope with work, presentations and coping with life as a busy working mum, my other child uses them on the sports field and in his music. The impact keeps going. Everything about what he does is helpful and compassionate, yet empowering and enabling.


Graham is the best. He put me at ease with in the first minute of meeting him. I find him professional in every way; genuine, kind, positive and caring. He explained the process of hypnotherapy and how the brain works in such simple terms that even I could understand it. He’s got me to understand how I can get back to my normal old self. I know Graham is there to support me. A big thank you, Graham!

Back in Control

I am in my early seventies and have been a carer for many years, whilst dealing with my own health issues. I then suffered bereavement. I was a shadow of my former self and had become exhausted and insular. Graham helped me turn my life around. Graham’s skilled and professional attitude is reassuring. I gradually regained my confidence to face up to and deal with life’s daily challenges. I am now back in control of my thoughts and my life. I was not always able to have face to face sessions, but a FaceTime session is very helpful too. Playing the recording on a daily basis, helped to reinforce the teaching. If it wasn’t for Graham’s expertise, I would still be moping around! Life is too short. Thank you Graham!


I had my doubts, probably because of being in a very negative place for such a long time… but Graham has made an impressive impact on mine and my husband’s lives. We still have a way to go, but for the first time in a very long time I know with Graham’s help, support and guidance we will make it. I have found hope, positivity and direction. I feel empowerment from the changes which are slowly happening thanks to a kind, caring and professional individual whose sincerity and approach resonates deep within me. I can thoroughly recommend Graham.

Public Speaking

Thank you so much for coming to Slough with me today and sitting on my shoulder throughout my business presentation, keeping me cool, calm and confident. I almost even enjoyed it! I even slept well last night and didn’t think about it. You are a star! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Work Stress

I started having hypnotherapy due to the frustration of work stress spoiling my fun. Little did I realise I would actually find it slightly addictive in the deep feeling of pure relaxation and emptying my head of thoughts. Pure bliss. Graham is helping me to keep that feeling all the time, not just after a session. After only one or two sessions I started to feel like myself again and I am learning how to recognise and deal with the stress signals before they take hold and negative thoughts take over. I cannot recommend Graham highly enough for his calm and professional manner. He explains how the mind works and why I get into a negative spiral and how to break the pattern. He creates a safe and relaxed environment to work on long term solutions for a strong mind and happy future.

Childhood Anxiety

Graham helped us so much with our daughters anxiety. She felt at ease with him. Would highly recommend.


I had suffered with insomnia for at least 23 years – if I managed to get off to sleep by 3.30am and slept until 8am that was a “good night” for me, but more often than not I would still be awake at 5.30-6am. I really don’t know how I managed to get through my days and function as well as I did. Due to the length of time I had had this problem, and also my age (82), I was very sceptical that hypnotherapy could work for me. Eventually my daughter persuaded me to see Graham, as last year he had successfully helped her with her depression and anxiety issues. In the week following my first session, and by regularly using the ‘tools’ provided by Graham, I began to go off to sleep much better and one night I slept for 7 hours. During the second week I actually slept for 8.5 hours one night which completely amazed me, I could hardly believe it as I hadn’t slept for that length of time for almost 25 years. Even now that my hypnotherapy sessions with Graham have ended I still continue to use the ‘tools’ and I average 6 – 7 hours sleep most nights. I had always thought there was no cure for my insomnia, and that being sleep deprived was something I would just have to put up with, but hypnotherapy has proved me wrong and that the mind can be re-trained and taught new things at any age. I would definitely recommend Graham to anyone wanting help to overcome issues in order to improve their day to day life.


My primitive brain was ruling my life, I was stuck in ‘fight & flight’ mode. Thanks to Graham I understand that now and I’ve managed a ‘reboot’!


Huge thanks – life changing!

Teenage IBS

Fantastic, Graham really did work a miracle. My son was diagnosed with IBS and was losing a lot of school because of it. He was taking 6-8 tablets a day and they didn’t really help. I was beginning to panic as he was going to be starting his final year of school and GCSEs. The stress was making the symptoms worse. I got googling and there were lots recommending hypnotherapy as treatment. So I decided something had to be done as he was about to begin an important year at school.

All I can say is “WOW”, from the first session with Graham to this day, my son has not had any medication or any symptoms since. He dealt with any stress through exams extremely well and even though he never liked school. Today he got his results and he achieved an A*, 2 A’s and all the others B’s.

So if you suffer from stress, IBS, phobias, anything, you should get in contact with Graham. I was a bit sceptical to start, but it worked and I highly recommend Graham.


I had suffered with anxiety for the last 2 years, tried many different prescribed medications, nothing worked. Then I was introduced to Graham. Yes, I thought, can this hypnotherapy really help me? The answer is YES. I have my life back. Ok, the hypnotherapy didn’t work straight away, but Graham encouraged me to stick with it and thank goodness I did. If you have a problem with anxiety, I can only say hypnotherapy worked for me, don’t be afraid of it, give it a try & be patient!

Depression & Suicidal Ideation

After losing everything, and I mean everything, I wanted to end it all. I was told by a friend to try Graham and in four weeks I was laughing again. I refocused and lifted from the hell that had unfolded this last year. Graham is brilliant, relaxing, friendly and fun to hang around with online. He has set me on a course that I will not be straying from, because I know what we have up inside our skulls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Depression & Suicidal Ideation

As the man said, there were simply too many arrows flying at me for too long. My brain reacted in a very understandably primitive survival way. Graham took me by the hand and led me to a great place. I can recommend Graham for being a great guy, a great hypnotherapist and a very wise guy. He just flowed with what I needed to hear and he was natural to be with, in person and then online when everything was shut down. See Graham if you want to change or get back to how you were.