The Effortless View

You appear to be a separate and finite thing looking out through the senses at life on a spinning rock of land, sea and air that’s hurtling through the nothingness of space – so hey, just stay calm and carry on.

But if you relax, standing on the foundations of a quiet mind, and look at reality, the present moment, with fresh eyes, with the eyes of a cute wee baby that hasn’t yet acquired any knowledge of what isn’t, you can become aware of the effortless view of what is.

Anything other than that is effort – and this is about the effortlessness of the ever-present underlying reality of life, the universe and everything.

So, simply relax – release, relax and let go, let go of all the tensions and pressures, stresses and strains, let them all relax from the body and release from the mind – and notice what is, without thought, just being aware of what is, the awareness of presence, the knowing of experience, the effortlessness that you are, that everything is, and stay there.

If you pop out of that, you’re thinking, putting in effort when in reality there is nothing but the effortlessness of what is; and if you can’t abide in being, in the effortless knowing of this, you’d benefit from growing the foundations of a quiet mind – all the calm and control you need to step out of the constant stream of thought – and engaging in some good old-fashioned practice. Look again and again and again at what is, and realise that you are not the body or the mind – they, along with the world, are within this effortless view.


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