The Simple & Transformative Power Of Repetition

Imagine you’re in a meadow and a rain shower comes down. It creates little tributaries in the grass, and then out comes the sun, dries up all the rain, and the grass pops back up. The shower made a change to the meadow, but it was soon forgotten – but hey, if the shower was repeated again and again and again, growing each and every time, longer and longer, heavier and heavier, downpour after downpour, it would create little tributaries that grow into streams and then a river to cut through the landscape all the way to the sea.

The brain is just the same. Every thought changes the brain. The neurons fire and then move onto to something else – but if that thought is repeated again and again and again, the brain’s neural pathways change. The repetition can create a path that can grow into a road and then a superhighway. It can change the brain’s wiring, make that thought part of the brain’s automation, and that thought can be the act of abiding in being. That thought can be ‘I am Consciousness only’. That thought can be anything you want it to be. And by the word ‘thought’, I mean any change – any words, feeling or action – that you can conjure up and repeat again and again and again. This simple and earnest act of repetition grows into a river that can take any water droplet to its source.

The brain is the reality filter, and in order to see your own face, that which you never cease to be, you can clean that mirror with repetition.


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