Non-Dual Blog

Welcome to my late-night non-dual musings – short, simple and repetitive posts to drum in the truth of what is.


The Simple & Transformative Power Of Repetition

What Is There To Do?

Through The Eyes Of A Non-Dual-Seeking Protagonist

Why A Quiet Mind Is All You Need

Love To Be, Love To Be, Love To Be, And Repeat

How The World Is Perceived

Nisargadatta, Love To Be

The Present & Your Presence, One & The Same

Neuroplasticity For Non-Duality!

If You’re Suffering…

Consciousness: The Awareness Of Experience

Look At The Present Again & Again & Again

Don’t Get Lost, To Be Or Not To Be

The Effortless View

The Importance Of The Stress Bucket

The Primitive Brain Keeps The Mind Busy-Busy

Trying Not To Slam Your Head Into A Wall

The Peace Of What Is Comes To You

Tehching, Earnestness & Non-Duality

Simple How To Be

Fear & The Illusion Of Identity

The Brain In The Play

Non-Duality & Sawing A Woman In Half

Effortlessness & Neuroplasticity

Why Do I Feel Utterly Separate From Everything Else?

The Knowing And The Known

What Is A Human? What Am I?


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