What Is There To Do?

If you’re lost, suffering, looking for answers, what can you do?

It’s simple, so keep it simple, and get really good at it: practice shifting your focus from thoughts to being. Shift your focus from a noisy mind to a quiet mind. How do you do that? Become aware of being tuned into an almost constant stream of thought – mostly dumb, futile nattering – and then retune your focus beyond that automated mental activity.

The beyond is the space, the silence, the stillness, the simple ever-present sense of being, the background, in which thoughts appear and disappear. Abide there, again and again, just for a moment or two, and then more and more, getting really good at this simple skill, just like you’ve learnt any new skill since very early childhood, and bring the background to the fore. Then make the background all there is, which is how things are – reality, the state of things as they actually are. Start small, repeat again and again, be confident in the brain’s neuroplasticity, repeat some more, and the peace of what is comes to you.

It’s the only teacher you’ll ever need – abidance in being – the way, the truth and the life.


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